I’m ready…

By posting this, I’m basically calling myself a liar, because I’m here to say that tomorrow is going to be my first blog. But I guess in reality, it’d be today.

Anyway, I chose tomorrow because tomorrow is somewhat monumentus for me. I will be participating in my first 5k!


Mine and Katie's Color Me Rad swag

At the beginning of this year, my friend Katie said she wanted to run a 5k at some point in 2012 & asked if I wanted to do it with her. I said maybe.

This Color Me Rad race came up on my radar, and soon after, an Albany, NY race was announced. Then there was a race registration on Groupon. And then I was running.


My running sneaks...

Over the course of the summer, I knew I had to train for this. I was quite proud of myself at the end of each week when I would “get serious”. Sadly, my rest day would turn into a rest week and a half. That’s pretty much how the entire summer went. The best I did was 2 miles before stopping. Last night I did 1.6 miles before I had to stop. I ran 3 days this week (damn you, Tuesday rain!), and it had been a good 2 weeks since I last ran.

Regardless, I don’t care. I know I’m going to walk some of it. That’s okay. I think back to this time last year, and while I was on the track towards a better me, a 5k would never have crossed my mind. In fact, I was only running late at night back then, when it was dark and less people would see me. And it’d be a mile loop, and I probably walked half of it. So, I’m proud of myself. And should the race return next year… Well maybe I will sign up again and see how I do.

On that note, I’ve carb-ed up for the night and its time to go pack my bag for tomorrow and get to bed. I’ve got am early wake up call! Wish me luck!


Take me with you mom, I'll cheer you on!


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