I did it!

Yes!!! I did it!! I ran the 5k!! And – here’s a little secret for you… I had a BLAST! It was soooo much fun! I got up early on Saturday morning & got ready, complete with a white tank top (this WAS the Color Me Rad 5k afterall!). I met Katie at her house around quarter to 8 (oyy! Early for a Saturday!) & we were on our way.

The trip would take us about an hour and 15 minutes or so. That would put us there for 9, plenty of time to make our 9:30 race. Well…. we got quite the surprise when we were about 25 minutes still from the fairgrounds that the race was held & found out that traffic was backed up already – worse than the giant country concert that comes to the same fairgrounds every Summer! After sitting in traffic for about 15 minutes, I decided I should probably look at a map & find an alternate route. I found one & it took us about 20ish minutes. Come to find out, some people waited in that line of cars for up to 2 hours! Crazy!


We ended up getting to the fairgrounds a little after 9. We had to do a couple things when we got there, and since the traffic was so bad, they were doing races every 8 minutes instead of every 15 minutes. So while we could have made the 9:30 race as planned, we took a few extra minutes to stretch & went on the 9:38 race.


It was…. amazing! I’ve never ran in a group of people like that before. While sometimes it was frustrating because there were people in my way, at other times, it was inspiring… because if they were still running, then I pushed myself to keep running too! As the race progressed, there were 3 spots where you would be “color bombed”… Volunteers basically threw this colored powder/corn starch at you & dyed your white shirt… and face… and arms… and legs… and places you would think would be safe from color, haha. The first time, I totally wasn’t thinking & I had my mouth open. Bad move! I was spitting blue for half the race!

I only made it a mile before I stopped for a little bit to walk. But that being said, I had my best time ever! My time is in no way anything spectacular…. but for me, I’m proud. I finished in 38:24, averaging a 12:14 minute/mile. Actually… a hair less, because I started the clock as we counted down from 10 before takeoff 😉 Anyway – I’m SUPER happy with that time!


If the Color Me Rad 5k ever comes to a city near you, you should definitely check it out! There were all walks of life at this event… young to old, fit runners to leisurely walkers, and everything inbetween. Plus – if I can do it? You can do it!


After the race, we went back to the car, changed in the parking lot & headed home. I then proceeded to be amazed at how much color was all over me when I took a 45 minute shower and was still “stained” in a few spots afterwards!


So will I do another 5k? Absolutely! It was so easy! How soon? I’m not sure. Katie said she wants to do one a month. I don’t know if I want to do that much (I am a busy person, afterall). But – the Troy Turkey Trot is coming up in a couple months… I might consider it!

Who woulda thunk? Two 5k’s in a year?!?! Well – it’s not a definite yet… but I’m thinking I will. 🙂

Have you ever ran a 5k? What advice would you have (other than training) for someone considering signing up for their first one?


So, I know in my last post I said I was going to update the next day, but I never did (whoops!). I’ve decided that if I’m going to do this, I need to create a schedule. For me, posting everyday is just too much. But 2-3 times a week? I can commit to that. I need to think about it a little bit this weekend to figure out what days will work best for me (should I post on Tuesday’s? That’s grocery day. But if I do Wednesday or Thursday, well that’s Zumba day. I don’t want to do Friday, that’s my day… so many things to consider!). I’ll be at camp this weekend, so I’ll probably update sometime next week. And this is going to be more than just fitness, it’s just what it is for now.


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2 responses to “I did it!

  1. Linzanne5

    This was so inspiring! You make me want to go out and do a 5k tomorrow!!! I’m very proud of you for pushing yourself :). I loved your caption under your pre-shower picture! Haha you did look like Elphaba 😀

    • Haha, thanks! I never thought I would do a 5k… But here I am, waiting for registration for that second one to open later this afternoon! And I have no doubt that you could do a 5k, you can do anything you set your mind to! 🙂

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