I’m a big baby.

Ugh. Seriously?? I can’t believe I’m getting sick.
It started Sunday night. I randomly felt sick just before bed. Like dizzy/upset stomach sick. Monday morning, I was greeted with a scratchy throat. Monday night, I resorted to these:


Lozenges for my sore throat

This morning, it was worse. Of course, I apparently have no less (other than lozenges lol) in my medicine cabinet, so I suffered most of the morning. I finally broke down and went to the drug store.

At lunch, I mentally craved a salad, but physically needed soup. And my day has pretty much consisted of this:


The essentials to get through the workday. Earbuds are undocumented.

Yes. I am a giant baby. Other than allergies, I really haven’t been sick in 3-4 years! I haven’t been working out lately, nor have I really been eating all that healthy. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason it came in so strong & fast.

Meh. Chicken soup and cozies, please.


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