Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, all! Sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ve been pretty sick lately, and couple that with being super busy, and yeah. I haven’t had much time. But – I did want to pop in to wish everyone a safe & Happy Halloween, and show off my kitty costumes…


Cassie, my Butterfly

So I’m not sure if you can really tell by this picture (though she IS giving some crazy eyes), but Cassie is a bit of a neurotic cat. She is so so loveable, and will lay on your chest all night long, but if you’re holding her & she wants down, you have about .2 seconds to set her down. I had a better costume in mind for her, but knew she wouldn’t go for it. So I uses these butterfly wings that I had & used them for her “costume”. I use quotes because I never slipped the loops around her paws, I literally set the wings on her back for a festive photo op, haha.

Pippa on the other hand is pretty easy going. She’s really not a lap kitty, but does like to follow you around the house and you can always pick her up without her running from you or trying to get down. So, I made her a fun costume…


Pippa as Nyan Cat!

I literally made her costume out of felt, stick on jewels, elastic (which ended up being useless) & velcro. And of course, my sewing machine & lots of love.

Are you familiar with the Nyan Cat??

When I first put it on her, she was purring like crazy. Though the pictures don’t really portray that. I think she was getting annoyed with the bad camera man. And she was waiting on the treat portion of Trick or Treat.


Pippa & I, Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween all!

Question: Do you dress up your pets for Halloween?


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