No Longer 100% Non-Photogenic

So last week, I realized something. I’m no longer 100% non-photogenic. I have spent a good portion of my life absolutely HATING to have my pictures taken, while being jealous of everyone on Myspace (we’re going WAY back here) & Facebook having all these great pictures of themselves, both “selfies” & with their friends. It made me jealous. I looked horrible in ALL of my pictures.

It’s actually too bad that I was so un-photogenic during my early 20’s. I had an opportunity to meet a lot of cool people during that time & I always looked like crap. 


Gavin Rossdale, April 2009; he had a solo career around ’09 (not really sure if he’s still up to that), but more famously known for being in Bush & married to Gwen Stefani. I’ll never forget meeting him. Our Music Director was walking him into the office & sorta giving a mini-tour/introducing him to people. He said, “And this is our Marketing & Promotions Department” – CO, “Hi, Girls” – Gavin, ::Crickets:: from us ladies because we were just so in awe of his beauty! Hahaha.


Kevin Costner, July 2009; Kevin is most known as an actor (duh!) for movies like “Dances with Wolves”, “The Body Guard”, “Field of Dreams”, “Tin Cup” & many many more. Something most people probably don’t know about him is that he also has a band – Kevin Costner & the Modern West. They came to a local venue & I shimmied by way into a meet & greet with him. I remember him being very quiet & almost shy-like. But he was very nice & signed my pass & a few things for the station.


Keith Urban, October 2009; OH MY. He was. AMAZING. HOT. AWESOME. AUSTRALIAN. I’m only listing a few of the “celebrities” that I’ve met over the years, but out of ALL of them – this one right here is probably the biggest one/the one I was most excited about! Pictured with my friend (& fellow radio junkie) Krista, we went to a little “BBQ Meet & Greet” before the show where they had some catered food, Keith played an acoustic tune, answered our questions & then we all lined up to meet him & get our photo taken. We didn’t really have time to talk to him or anything like some of the other people I’ve met, but it was great. Oh – & he called me baby. And Krista may have forgotten her name when he asked her haha.


Michael Johns, December 2009; Michael Johns was a contestant on American Idol & during that season – he was my favorite! Unfortunately, he did not win & was sent home. But that didn’t stop him, he went out on a music career of his own! I didn’t hear much about him over this little stint in 2009, so I’m honestly not sure how much farther he made it. But I did like his single that he had out, and he was AWESOME to meet. He came by the radio station in the morning & after his interview, he hung out in the Cubicle World with us ladies & chatted for a little while. And it was then that we actually convinced him to join the fun that night with some Pajama pants. We were doing a mini concert with him that night at a local mall & the entire staff was going to be in Pajama bottoms. We were asking listeners to come by & donate pajamas for kids in need. Michael Johns also wore a pair of pajamas, it was awesome. He was so so nice!


Uncle Kracker, March 2010; Uncle Kracker came by a local venue for a performance & I had the opportunity to meet him with a group of listeners & watch his soundcheck. He was super nice! I wish I could have made it back for the rest of the show, but I was unable to. I think it was because I was so tired from a long week at work. The soundcheck was enough for me, though!

So as you can tell from all of the pictures above (even though they are only from about a years span of time), pictures of me are/were horrible! But, in the last couple of months, I’ve started to realize that pictures of me…. aren’t always SUPER horrible! Haha. It was like an epiphany recently, & quite honestly, it was a good feeling to realize. Here’s a few pictures from the last few months:


June 2012 – Monica & I out to dinner for our Birthday’s; some of the managers took Monica & I out to celebrate – our birthday’s are one day apart


July 2012 – Kevin & his Angels; Kevin made a trip home from California & a big group of us met up at Brown’s to catch up. This one I’m on the fence about photo wise, but it’s not as terrible as the others – haha.


September 2012 – Color Me Rad; Katie & I participated in our first 5k!


October 2012 – Saying “see ya later” to an old Radio Friend who was heading west…


October 2012 – A group shot of some of the people at Laura’s “see ya later” gathering…


November 2012 – A shot of Alexis, one of the Managers at work, and I at a station event.


November 2012 – A shot of Sierra & I at Walmart on her Birthday after picking out her own Birthday present.

Now I know the main reason my photos don’t look horrible anymore. Um – I lost A LOT of weight. I just wanted to do this as a reminder to myself of how far I’ve come & how I DO NOT want to go back. I’ve been in a sort of rut lately. Part of it is the fact that I’m so busy lately, but I know I need to get back on the wagon. I have definitely gained some weight starting around… I don’t know, August maybe? So I need to work on getting that back off & then some more, so I can finish this journey – and make ALL of my pictures look as awesome as that last one! 🙂


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3 responses to “No Longer 100% Non-Photogenic

  1. Dawn

    Jill funny that this is what your blogged about this week bc when I was looking at this last pic from your shopping trip I was thinking what a great pic it was of you! 🙂 Only you could take a great pic in Walmart! LOL!

  2. Katie

    Love this post Jill!!! every single thing about it..and you of course! I need to get back in the game now that I’m kind of starting to feel better…you zumba and I will too!!

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