New Year’s Resolutions

Howdy friends! I wasn’t kidding when I said “be on a lookout for a post this weekend”! I’m so proud of myself – haha.

So I know we’re 13 days into the New Year, but what better time than (n)ever to bring up the ‘ol New Year’s Resolutions. Ya’ know, it’s funny – this year I heard a lot of people saying that they don’t make resolutions because they don’t need to wait until some “special day” to hit the reset button or anything like that. Maybe I’ve heard it before, but this was the first year that it really stood out to me & I heard it from multiple people.

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No Longer 100% Non-Photogenic

So last week, I realized something. I’m no longer 100% non-photogenic. I have spent a good portion of my life absolutely HATING to have my pictures taken, while being jealous of everyone on Myspace (we’re going WAY back here) & Facebook having all these great pictures of themselves, both “selfies” & with their friends. It made me jealous. I looked horrible in ALL of my pictures.

It’s actually too bad that I was so un-photogenic during my early 20’s. I had an opportunity to meet a lot of cool people during that time & I always looked like crap.  Continue reading